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The Glenn D Loucks Games from Steve Strother on Vimeo.

"I am the meet director of one of the leading high school track and field meets in the United States, the Glenn D. Loucks Games, which is contested on the second weekend in May each year in White Plains, New York. At the 2014 Games, Steve Strother and his company photographed the three days of action that included more than 3100 top high school athletes from 240 schools and 10 states.
As a former great athlete, Steve is a person who knows track and field. His photographs reflect his considerable knowledge of the sport and his photographs capture the true essence of track and field, displaying an ability to anticipate the moment that the action is to take place.
Steve is a pleasure with whom to work, outlining previous to the event what his anticipated sequences of photographs will be, but not afraid to venture away to where the action is on the track or in the field. His desire is to get the best angle and his skills keenly displayed his craft.

After we selected several photographs to be used as a sizzle reel, Steve artfully put the photographs in a presentation with a musical score – providing the perfect device for us to showcase our meet.
I was so very pleased with the results of Steve’s 22,000 pictures that he and his co-worker took at the Loucks Games and would highly recommend his services to anyone who inquired about them. Please contact me for any other questions that you may have concerning the fine work of Steve Strother and"
- Fred Singleton - Meet Director for the Glenn D. Loucks Games, White Plains, N.Y.